Elizabeth (second in left) at The Trevi Fountain Rome

Elizabeth’s culinary journey started in her childhood home. Coming from Greek and English immigrant parents, food always seemed to be the main focus of everyday life.

“Dad would come home from hunting trips and we would help to skin rabbits and pluck wild ducks, which mum would turn into delicious stews that we would hungrily devour with lots of freshly baked bread” Elizabeth recalls.

“On weekends we would drive to the country to forage for wild greens and figs. Hot summer nights would be spent at the beach fishing for whiting, bream and squid and I’d stay up late to help dad scale and gut our catch. And of course, we had a wonderful vegetable garden that would supply seasonal produce throughout the year.”

In her early 20’s Elizabeth discovered a love for baking which led to an obsession for chocolate.

Elizabeth soon started selling her chocolates in the East End Market in Adelaide. David Jones took her on and soon after that in late 1992 Elizabeth joined a partnership and opened her first store ‘Cocolat & Wicked Desserts’ located on King William Rd, Hyde Park.

Creations like ‘The Wild Thing’, ‘Death by Chocolate’ and ‘Star Struck’ were born.

Her second store ‘Cioccolata e Caffe’ opened in Melbourne in September 1996, located in the leafy inner suburb of Camberwell. Elizabeth opened her dream store by incorporating her chocolate shop with a cafe.

Melbourne took Elizabeth on with the same amount of enthusiasm as Adelaide. Decadent chocolate creations could now be enjoyed with a coffee or one of her famous Hot Chocolates.

Channel 9 discovered Elizabeth and for Valentines’ Day in 1997 she appeared on ‘What’s Cooking’ creating a delicious cake for both lovers and chocolate lovers.

It was in 1995 that Elizabeth discovered her second obsession during a 4-month European holiday. “The moment I arrived in Italy I knew that the country would become a big part of my life. When I got to Rome I immediately threw a coin over my shoulder into the Trevi Fountain as a guarantee of my return.” Return she did on many occasions over the years!


Elizabeth & Michael in Barga, Tuscany

Fate sealed her Italian obsession when she met her life partner Michael Trembath who runs a company importing Italian wines into Australia. They travel to Italy regularly, searching out new undiscovered places and hosting gourmet food and wine tours for small groups.

“I love nothing more than to recreate the dishes that I sample on our Italian travels.” Fueled with an eagerness to share her experiences, Elizabeth has created this web site for fellow lovers of all things Italian. Buon appetito!!