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Il Sapore Siciliano (Typical Sicilian Food and Wine)

Surrounding this peaceful land of orange blossom and citrus fruit are seas full of swordfish and tuna, inspiration for many famous Sicilian dishes: tonno alla cipollata, tuna fried with large quantities of sliced onions; swordfish alla messinese, swordfish cooked in oil with tomatoes, onions, celery, capers and potatoes; and either, with caponata, the sweet-and-sour sauce […]


  Mandranova is situated in a magnificent part of Sicily not far removed from Agrigento and the UNESCO world heritage site of the Valley of the Temples.  This is a place of ancient history and Mediterranean beauty, where olive trees have been swaying restlessly for centuries, blown by the winds of the Sirocco and Maestrale. […]

Porto Santo Stefano

Tuscany’s Secret

      You might think by now that we all know, or have a pretty good idea what Tuscany is all about.  Florence, Siena, Chianti Classico, the medieval towers of San Gimignano  -  we’ve seen it all ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, yes? But then, you may not have heard of the Argentario coast, in […]

Park Hotel

Park Hotel and Osteria alle Torre

One of our favourite destinations in Italy is Lake Garda, the largest of the six famous Italian lakes. (The others, in no particular order are: Como, Maggiore, Trasimeno, Iseo and Bolsena.) The Italian regions bordering Lake Garda are the Veneto, Alto-Adige and Lombardy, all regions famous for wine and other produce. Lake Garda covers 370 […]


Grappa Grows Up

Grappa has gone from rough to smooth. The taste of this once rustic distillate has been refined and its image polished with slick packaging and marketing. Grappa today has become fruitier and softer, and more accessible outside Italy. Like its French counterpart, marc, grappa is clear alcohol distilled from the pomace (vinacce) – stems, seeds […]