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Tropea and its Red Onion

Calabria is one of the food bowls of Italy, producing large amounts of fresh produce for local and export markets. Olive oil, grains and citrus (they are the largest producer of Bergamot Oranges in Italy) are a few of a long list of foods grown in the region. The coastline is pristine and seafood is […]

Il Sapore Siciliano (Typical Sicilian Food and Wine)

Surrounding this peaceful land of orange blossom and citrus fruit are seas full of swordfish and tuna, inspiration for many famous Sicilian dishes: tonno alla cipollata, tuna fried with large quantities of sliced onions; swordfish alla messinese, swordfish cooked in oil with tomatoes, onions, celery, capers and potatoes; and either, with caponata, the sweet-and-sour sauce […]