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Mandranova is situated in a magnificent part of Sicily not far removed from Agrigento and the UNESCO world heritage site of the Valley of the Temples.  This is a place of ancient history and Mediterranean beauty, where olive trees have been swaying restlessly for centuries, blown by the winds of the Sirocco and Maestrale.


Giuseppe and Silvia Di Vincenzo


The project began twenty five years ago, undertaken with care, flair and passion by Milanese couple Giuseppe and Silvia Di Vincenzo, when they purchased an old run-down olive grove that had been planted on the old railway line.  Nowadays, Mandranova is a working olive farm with beautiful accommodation and stylish home-cooked food, set amongst African gardens.


The converted railway station


The old farmhouse has been done up with immense love and attention to detail: there are 16 stylish rooms and suites, a pair of cottages for self-catering, a gravelled garden with flaming eritrina trees and bold Starck furniture and a deep freshwater pool at the head of shimmering olive groves.

The resort is a perfect place to relax for a few days or use as a base to visit the surrounding attractions.

sitting Room1

Lounge area in the main building


If Sicilian cuisine is an interest, join Silvia in the kitchen for a cooking class. In a few hours Silvia will arm you with enough culinary skills and knowledge to tackle a few recipes at home. We had the pleasure of cooking with her in 2014 and Silvia was happy for us to share them on our website. The links to the recipes are at the bottom of the page.


Making eggplant tortini


Learning the secrets to pasta sauce


Beef involtini waiting for the grill


The olive groves are immaculately kept and boasting more than 50 hectares, four main varieties and some original ‘grandfather’ stock of more than 100 years old.

The prize-winning oils are exported worldwide (Australia too, now!) and are not only of excellent quality, but are true and genuine expressions of the land, sharing a similar spice character and appealing bitterness.

Olive tree2

Olive trees


Harvest takes place from mid-September, extraction is at cold temperature immediately after hand-picking and the oil is packaged in dark glass bottles of 500ml after natural settling.

Olive press

The olive press


Some of Mandranova’s many awards

Olive oil tasting notes:-


Colour:  green with golden shades

Aroma:  fruity, with new mown grass, artichokes and tomatoes

Palate:  markedly spicy with a delightful bitterness

Use:  with grilled tuna; vegetables au gratin; molluscs; stewed fish; grilled meat; mature cheese



Colour:  pale green

Aroma:  medium fruity, with herbs and tomato fragrances

Palate:  peppery, but not too strong

Use:  fish, steamed in foil or baked; fresh goat’s cheese; as a cake making ingredient.

Go to the Mandranova website – click here.

The recipes

Eggplant Tortini Web

Eggplant Tortini – click on image to get the recipe


Penne with Tomato & Anchovy Sauce – click on the image to get the recipe

Beef Involtini

Beef Involtini – click on the image to get the recipe


Torta di Mandorle (Almond Cake) – click on the image to get the recipe






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    We had a terrific stay at Mandranova 2 years ago however I am now running short of their fabulous oil. You mention it is now available in Australia – can you tell me where?

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