Torta di Mandorle (Almond Cake) with Limoncello Strawberries

Simplicity is the secret to creating great Italian food and this almond cake really is easy to make. I was taught this recipe by Silvia at Mandranova Resort in Sicily where she runs a cooking class at her Agriturismo. You can serve it plain, with cream or add seasonal fruit. Strawberries are always available, so I came up with the idea of marinating them in limoncello. Click here if you would like to read about Mandranova Resort.

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  • 1. To make the cake - place the almonds and caster sugar into a food processor and process until the almonds break down into fine pieces.
  • 2. Place the mixture into a large bowl, add the lemon zest and combine well with your hands.
  • 3. Place the egg whites into an electric mixer and beat until soft peaks form. Add 1/2 of the egg white to the almond mixture and gently fold the ingredients together. Add the remaining egg white and very gently fold into the mixture.
  • 4. Place a large piece of baking paper over a 28-30cm flan tin. Gently pour the mixture onto the baking paper. The weight of the mixture will push the paper down into the tin. Gently smooth the mixture evenly around the tin.
  • 5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 5 minutes then reduce to 160C for 45 minutes. Set aside in the tin to cool.
  • 6. To make the limoncello strawberries - cut the strawberries into quarters, combine with the sugar and limoncello and set aside, mixing occasionally.
  • 7. Serve the torta with the strawberries, syrup and fresh cream.

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